Create Sustainable Packaging: 7 Ways To Preserve Cardboard Boxes

This article is about preserving cardboard boxes to preserve our planet. The company Brown and Pratt, which sells custom printed boxes for businesses, has provided five ways that you can protect the environment by recycling your old cardboard boxes. You are doing important work in preserving the environment through recycling. There are many ways to recycle your brown corrugated boxes and mailing tubes. Perhaps you can find a company that will buy your old bins as they plan on recycling them.

Brown and Pratt have provided five ways for you to save the environment by recycling your old cardboard boxes:

1) Recycle: If nearby facilities recycle cardboard, always look first when considering how to dispose of your box. Even if there is not a recycling facility close by, consider asking friends or relatives that are moving to see if they can recycle them for you. 

2) Reuse: Custom boxes are always available for purchase, so instead of having to recycle your old bin, you might want to consider purchasing a custom printed one. Not only do these look nice and will make your product stand out from the crowd, but you can ensure that it is safe during transport. Brown and Pratt make their boxes in the house to put any logo or design on it that you would like.

3) Stack: If, for some reason, none of the previous options work for you and you must throw out a box, always make sure to stack them neatly together. Cardboard is recyclable even if broken down into pieces, so stacking can be a great way to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

4) Donate: Brown and Pratt offer its customers the opportunity to purchase boxes made for donation purposes. These are extra sturdy, so you can reuse them without ever worrying about them wearing out. You can buy these if you want, but always think of others first! Maybe your friend or family member is moving and could use some sturdy boxes, so consider offering one to them for free!

5) Repurpose: Brown and Pratt will never tell you to throw away your old boxes, but instead, they are always encouraging their customers to repurpose them. Not only does it save the landfills from receiving more cardboard boxes, but it also ensures that you can reuse them differently. Packaging peanuts are made out of recycled plastic-coated paper, so you can put them in the box and use it again.

6) Return: To the store! When you cannot find an appropriate facility to recycle or reuse your box, make sure to take advantage of any return policies offered by stores or companies. If they do not provide a return policy on packages, ask them why and offer suggestions on how they could implement one if they want repeat customers.

7) Recycle Again: If all else fails, use it as a backup and recycle your box! Brown, and Pratt offers custom printed boxes to businesses. Make sure to send us a message if you would like a quote for your project or if you have any questions about their availability.

Create Stickers and Labels To Promote Your Business

Stickers and Labels are great for promoting your business and establishing your brand identity. Having your logo and company artwork on custom boxes and mailers will add to your brand recognition. 

Stickers can be given away to customers and viewed as an endorsement to all who see. You can offer free stickers with every purchase, in store and online. Not only will you mail every customer a customers mailing label with your logo, company colors and typography, you can include free stickers. These stickers on water bottles, backpacks and what ever they are stuck to will go far at promoting your company and brand. 

Labels are great for getting your products and brand noticed. Have your logo and other artwork on your product labels to distinguish your products from the competition. Other than your brand label, labels that tell users the ingredients in your products, how to use your product and care instructions are a requirement for many products. Your mailing labels are also small advertisements for your business or company and help your target audience identify you among the numerous brands.

You can also create labels that celebrate the seasons and holidays with your company art and logo in festive holiday colors and well wishes. Your envelopes, address labels and mailers customized for your business gets your brand before the eyes of more people. You can add stickers and labels to plain boxes to brand them as yours. 

Printing stickers and labels requires more than creativity. Food and beverages must follow FDA guidelines including nutritional information. Visit the FDA website to find out what the requirements are. The apparel industry has guidelines from the FTC about fabrics and care labels. You must also take the elements into consideration. Will your packaging be refrigerated or exposed to heat?

Labels and stickers can be printed on many different materials and deciding the best materials to use will be dependent on the product, where it is used and how long your stickers will last. Your stickers, labels and decals may need to stay in place on smooth or rough services. You will want to adhere them with the right material and adhesive. You can also choose adhesive that will keep them in place permanently, such as safety decals and helmet stickers.

You will also need to decide on the type of printing that is best for the job. Once you decide on the number of stickers, labels and decals you will start with, you must choose from high end, standard or flexographic printing. Remember while designing your labels, stickers and decals that packaging can have a large influence on customer choice.

The average customer can be attracted by the color and features of you designs in the few seconds it takes them to make up their mind about a product. Your packaging can inspire customers to choose your product. As with all your other marketing, knowing your customer can give you insight into their wants, needs and desires. Does your labels, stickers, decals and packaging invite your customers to buy your product?

Looking To Move Homes?

There is no doubt that the housing market is completely on fire right now. If you are currently trying to buy a home, I genuinely feel bad for you. Why do I feel bad for you? Because you are likely going to be paying 20 to 30 percent more (at least) for a home than you would have a few years ago. However, some people have no other option than to buy a house right now, even in this crazy housing market. Whether you are moving to a new place because of a job or because you want to be closer to family, there is no doubt that moving can be an extremely stressful time for most people. I have written a lot of these articles in the past – you know, the ones about providing moving tips and tricks to people who I believe can really benefit from them. However, I keep writing them because I feel like the world needs to hear my moving tips every week, regardless of if I am repeating myself like a broken record or not. So if you are really stressed about moving houses, apartments, dorm rooms, or any other type of moving you may find yourself doing, I am here for you to help. So without further ado, let’s get into some of my favorite tips and tricks for relieving stress while moving.

It is true that most of the stress involved in moving from having to pack up your entire life and move it to a completely new location. While some people enjoy packing up their stuff and organizing things, other people feel that it is the bane of their existence. Even for the people who do love packing, sometimes packing up an entire house can still feel like way too much. I understand that it is extremely difficult to not feel overwhelmed in the face of all the work that has to be done to pack up your house.

That is why I wanted to come here and write this article about moving tips. The first tip that I want to talk about is how to stay a bit more organized during the packing process. One thing that is super helpful when you are packing up your home is to stay as organized as possible. A good way to do that is to invest in lots of packing materials and packing boxes. Shipping boxes are great because they are usually sturdy and can hold a lot of stuff. Plus, shipping boxes and other corrugated boxes are great for stacking in the back of a truck or something like that. When it comes to packing, make sure to pack the heaviest items first so that you can put them on the bottom of the truck, then you can put the lighter stuff on top when it comes time to pack those.

Another thing to keep in mind is that moving is really hard if you are doing it all by yourself. That is why my next tip for you is to start by hiring a moving company to help you out. You want to be careful to hire a moving company that you know will not throw your stuff around and keep your belongings safe during the moving process. Sure, it may cost a little bit extra to hire people to help, but if you do not have other people in your life (like family or friends) to help you out, it may be a good idea to drop some extra money and hire a moving company.

Mislabeling CBD Products? Here are Better Ways to Package Hemp

The CBD industry is rising, and manufacturers are busy fulfilling orders and moving their products quickly. The speed at which the industry is growing has also created issues regarding packaging and labeling CBD products. 

Below are listed examples of what not to do and helpful tips for making sure you’re accurately labeling your CBD inventory:

Mislabeling Dilemna Affecting CBD Sector

The Food and Drug Administration and Congress have had to step in after false and misleading claims by some bad players have damaged the CBD sector as a whole.

Much of the government intervention comes from concerns about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the active ingredients in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the other yet separate compounds extracted from cannabis. 

The government stipulates that any CBD product must pass a certificate of analysis (COA) that shows it contains less than 0.3% THC. The issue is that a 2020 FDA study showed that most CBD retailers violated these standards. Nearly 86% of the CBD companies tested contained THC – the chemical compound in cannabis that makes users high. Many of those tested had more elevated amounts of THC than the law allows.

According to the law, this mislabeling error is medical fraud. Potential customers who are not looking to get high can unknowingly ingest THC in more significant quantities than what the product is labeled. Mislabeling CBD can be problematic if the user takes medications that negatively interact with a potent cannabis product.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have jurisdiction over labeling practices. It’s important to know what not to do before digging deeper.

CBD Product Labeling Mistakes

There are four ways to mislabel CBD products.

Making Claims Without Medical Studies Backing Up Information

There are FDA-approved drugs on the market that contain cannabis – such as Epidiolex for epilepsy. Don’t claim, for example, that your product can help with dementia, epilepsy, or cancer unless you have FDA approval. 

Deceptive Advertising Claims 

Any false advertising or marketing information would fall under this umbrella, including digital or more traditional advertising, like print media.

Incorrect Product Labels

Incorrect labeling extends to the percentage of THC, dosage, and active compounds are accurately labeled on the package.

Fail to Disclose Important Information

Disclosure information should always be as transparent as possible. All relevant information regarding side effects, sourcing, contradictions should be labeled for the consumer to see. Other essential health factors should also be labeled, such as operating equipment or driving.

Tips on How To Label CBD Products and Avoid an Audit

CBD Package Standardization

Using standardized labeling and contract packaging can ensure you deliver on time and save you an expensive label audit. 

The upfront costs for hiring an outside firm to handle your packaging and standardizing labels might be a little more expensive, it will save in the long run by avoiding any confusion with rushed or sub-standard labeling.

Honest CBD Labels

Being completely transparent will not only help the customer; it also protects you. 

For clarification, please make sure and Do Not make any claims your product can help with any of the following diseases:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Schizophrenia
  • Insomnia

Being the Smartest Warehouse Manager

There are a few things that are really important in life and one of them is being good at what you do.  If you are going to spend the majority of your life doing something you should try to pick something that you are good at and enjoy. 

If you are a warehouse manager there are a few tips that can help you either be good at what you do or be a bit better than what you currently are.  Learning is important no matter what profession you are in and I strive to become better at what I do constantly.  There are a few tips for Warehouse Management that I have learned over the years and I just wanted to put a few out there to maybe help someone else learn from my own mistakes.

The first thing to learn is to map out and create process for everything.  Each person can be the most efficient if they are doing things the best way possible.  This can be from logging information and inventory in the morning to cleaning the warehouse properly.  Henry ford did tons of work and study on the ability to create processes that cut down on work for his employees. In turn he was able to get more productivity out of everyone and make their jobs easier.  The assembly line was created.  This is the mentality you should be taking even when you are dealing with things like shipping supplies. 

If you know what shipping supplies you are using and map out the most efficient way to pack and unpack the items and get them to where they need to be, you can cut down on time and use of products.  This can allow you to know exactly the amount of boxes, tape, ect. you are using and also other products as well.  Then you can purchase these items in a quantity that is correct and save money.

  Either by not purchasing as much or by buying in bulk and getting discounts. Being able to cut down on the bottom line and save money makes your department more efficient and effective and makes you look better.  It can also give you the ability to give out bonuses or grow.  The best part would be to do both.  So make the best processes for everything and become the best you can. If you do it right you can be a hero and simply a better manager.

What shipping products to have on hand

When I turned 30 my life seemed to take a big turn for a change.  Life slowed down a little and I learned to keep more things on hand then I ever thought I would.  It may be age, or it may be owning  a home, but there certainly are some great things to have on hand that can help save you from taking an annoying situation into an emergency!  And no one wants an emergency so I try to keep a few of these things on hand to overcome some inevitable hardships that happen in a home.

The first kind of shipping supplies that I like to keep on hand that have helped me at home have been lots of different types of tape.  I mean it, tape can solve so many emergency situations.  I have taken duct tape and put a brush on an extendable 30 foot pole to paint the highest parts of my home.  Without tape this would have taken hours and who knows how much money to solve. Instead a redneck fix with tape solved it. 

Having a form of packing tape on hand is also really important. I end up shipping emergency items to family members and sometimes clients from home and if you don’t have the right tape on hand it can cost time and money.  With a family, getting home and then going to the store after a long hard day and my wife needs me to have the kids can make things very hard.  So keep some packing tape on hand and be able to tackle those tasks that it inevitably will need to do. Along with this goes boxes.

I like to make a purchase from a shipping supplies store each year to get a few different kinds of boxes.  This allows me to one, be able to store heavy items in good corrugated boxes or ship them when I need too. It sounds silly but a store that sells boxes has lots of different kinds and ones that are rated for different weights and puncture proof ratings.  Ya, that is a thing and if you need to ship something that is kinda sharp then it is a must. The last thing is for plumbing emergencies.

Get some teflon tape.  This is a tiny roll of plumbing tape that goes around pipes.  Water never seals on most pipes especially if you have an old house.  Those should be o’ring sealed but life is never fair. So this tape can save all kinds of leaks from becoming floods!

Don’t Get Caught with These Tapes

This year has been a time for repairs in my family.  The extra time we have spent at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic has left us with many new tasks.  Since we are unable to leave our home for State Regulations we figured we would work on making our home better.  Through many of our tasks, we learned that there really are some items that you simply have to have on hand.  That is an understatement when it comes to working on your home in some cases.  The ability to fix problems before they become emergencies is really important for working on a house.  Sometimes a temporary fix is simply what is needed in order to hold off the end of the world problems that could come and cost you thousands. It is amazing to think that something as simple as tape could be that answer and I must say that there are a few tapes you should have on hand in order to accomplish this goal.

It really goes without saying that the most important of all shipping supplies is the right tape.  I think that duct tape happens to be the most useful of all kinds of tapes.  I didn’t know that one of the biggest shipping supplies we use all the time got its roots in war. Duct tape was created back in World War II and it was used for a seal.  Apparently ammo cans had issues with leaking and they used duct tape to seal them in order to ship ammo safely.  After the war soldiers ended up taking this amazing tape back home and started using it for all sorts of fixes.  It eventually found itself in use for ductwork and homebuilding.  That is where the brand became a legend and everything was history from that point on.  We now duct tape to fix everything in our homes.

I have used duct tape to put a paint brush on an extentable pole to paint the exterior of my house after our paint brush addapable pole broke.  Instead of driving an hour to pick up one at the shop duct tape gave me a temporary fix to finishing a job.  It cost a few cents to make the contraption and saved hours and proabably 30 bucks to buy a replacement pole and holder.  This is why I love quick fixes because that day I would have not been able to finish the job if I had to leave to buy a new item.  That would have essentially turnred that job into an emergency situation with my wife!

The next type of tape that I like to have is teflon tape.  It is for all types of plumbing and water works issues. I found this out from my father and he puts it on all kinds of pipe threads or hose threads.  It helps prevent leaks and seals those pipes and threads together to make them truly water tight.  I found that I had many leaky pipes that did not match threads adn this was the only way to stop leaks from destroying thousands of dollars in my hosue before fixes could be made.  It really is an important tape to have on hand. So I hope these few tips help you with your home and all the work you may do!